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User experience & web Design

The success of touchscreen smartphones and tablets once again demonstrates that users want simple, fun and dynamic interfaces with their consumer electronics.  We help our clients to improve the visual quality and application interfaces of their desktop and mobile applications:

  • User Experience Design:  Understanding who the user is and how he will use the application is fundamental to organize the information flow in a way that is intuitive and surprising.  When a user is satisfied with what he has and is expectant about what he might find the next time he connects, we have successfully completed our work.
  • Graphic Website Design:  Attracting users and establishing a context of understanding through attractive, intuitive and adequate graphic design is key to engaging customers and clients.
  • Mobile App Design:  Mobile apps have their own format which is determined not only by the screen size and touchscreen functionalities, but also by how and where the user connects to his favorite content.  We work with our customers to ensure that all aspects of the opportunity/environment user profiles are covered.


The user interface is the first thing that the user values, but let’s not forget that the user also demands quality contents that are relevant, inspired and that connect him to his interests and likes.

“Listen with both ears, and speak with one mouth.”  We must listen to understand our clients and users.  Only when we listen can we participate in a conversation, share our knowledge and influence results.

  • Monitoring and follow-up methodology for topics.  Frequency and optimal publishing recommendations.
  • Blog and social media content development:  Our subject matter experts and writers create content that is perfectly adapted to specific media (web, blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

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