SEO, Analytics and Social Media


SEO and Web Analytics

Search engine results (in Spain Google is the most important search engine) are vital for project visibility on the internet.  In many cases, the traffic directed by search engines represents more than 80% of total traffic.  That is why good positioning is fundamental to any company’s online presence.

Achieving desired positioning in SEO requires a detailed and constant effort, knowing how the latest Google algorithm works, what is its next version….and applying a lot of common sense.  We help our clients to:

  • Continuously organize and tag contents
  • Improve technical architecture of web site pages
  • Create quality contents that attract and engage the user

In addition, positioning on the internet is dynamic. It depends on many factors and we must study the analytical tool results to identify problem areas and to understand user behaviors and trends.  Our analysis of these results will help use to recommend changes that our clients should undertake to improve SEO results.

Social Media Optimization

The traditional media’s (press, radio and TV) ability to influence continues to decline, making room for social networks to take their place.  Social Media Networks are becoming the most influential and interactive communication vehicle among their users and clients.  That is why it is important to design a Marketing & Communication Strategy with them at the forefront:

  • Brand presence and image
  • Communication and interaction with users
  • User support
  • Capturing and recruiting
  • Etc.

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